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A Keshyr Nheira Community!

The first community on LJ dedicated to Nheira founded by like_evil on Nov. 23/07. This community is for all fans of Nheira, both new and old alike, to show and share their love. Anything and everything related to Nheira is welcome. Fanart, videos, graphics, etc. ♥

→ All posts must contain at least one thing about Nheira
→ Large or multiple images, possible fanfics, and or icon post should be placed behind an lj-cut
→ Introductory posts are most definitely welcome
→ Promoting other communities are allowed, but only if they're related to Nheira
→ Flaming won't be tolerated
→ Play nice, we're all here for the same reason aren't we?
→ Have fun!~

Rules are subject to change under mod consent

Real Name: Kai
Date of Birth: Jan 8th
Height: 161cm
Hobby: Staring, Sleeping
Fragrance: Lacoste
Specialty: Strangeness
Favorite drink: Milk
Favorite color: Black

Nheira is manga-ka and musician whose work was published in Japan, Europe and the USA
He has been influenced by Japanese culture, especially Visual-kei music and Manga.
In 2006, he released his first manga “IN THE END” by TOKYOPOP GmbH. ITE was a collaborated project.

In 2007, he joined the compilation album “TOKYO ROCK CITY” with his song “BAKAMONO NO UTA“
which was released by SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, it was focused on introducing Japanese rock music.
In November of the same year, he started to contribute “LIKE EVIL” to the Japanese visual-kei music magazine CURE.
In December of the same year, he published an art book “LIBERTY-RAISED OUT OF DIRT-“.
Photos, illustrations, poems, mangas, short stories… he introduced various ways to express his inside story.
Then the next April, LIBERTY Japanese version was published in Japan as “LIBERTY-腐敗からの解放".

In February of 2008, serial manga ”Utsusemi” started at MARUIONE.JP. MARUIONE.JP is international shopping site of Marui Co., Ltd.
(Marui is a Japanese retail company which operates a chain of department stores in Tokyo.)
Utsusemi was provided in three different languages such as Japanese, English and French.
In September of same year, the free manga and fashion based magazine “NHEIRA” was released.

Now he has laid the foundation for entering into full-scale activity in Japan.

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